View Full Version : subject between 10 to 20 cm on 5x7 and 8x10 in bw

6-Feb-2007, 15:31
here is my question, i have different lens, and i need to make shure i will use the best one for that purpose !

Film probably Delta 100

Format Probably 5X7 but possibly 8x10
(because i have a durst 138S and a nice rodagon 210 current version and no 8x10 enlarger)

Final print size 50x60cm as sharp as possible

subject size : between 10 to 20 cm

Camera : 8x10 norma with 5x7 reducing bag and normal 8x10 bellow

Shooting place : in the studio

Light : 1000W fresnel cremer (2)

Lens choice (to reverse or not to reverse...)

110 XL
150 Apo sironar S
210 Hexanon GRII
240 Apo sironar S
240 Apo Ronar MC
305 G claron Black Copal 1

Best choice for 5x7 ? for 8x10 ? Thanks
I think, i should go with the 240 Apo sironar S and reversing it...


Ole Tjugen
6-Feb-2007, 16:01
With that size subject, you're talking about a ratio of 1:2 and 2:1, I believe? That's a tricky range, also with regards to bellows extension. A 240mm lens gives nice working distance, but only if you have the bellows for it!

If it's larger than 1:1, it makes sense to reverse the lens unless you have a true macro lens. At smaller ratios it just makes matters worse.

7-Feb-2007, 10:21
i have enought bellows for 1:1 with my 305...

i think that my apo ronar 240 will cover at 1:1, maybe i should make a test with several lens...
i have also enlarger lens :
apo componon S 105 (current version)
El Nikkor 135 (current version)
Rodagon 150 (current version)
Rodagon 210 (1 old, 1 current version)

Ernest Purdum
7-Feb-2007, 11:17
I'd be inclined to try the Hexanon first. Your requirements are closer to what the designer presumably had in mind with this lens rather than any of your others.

Be aware that when you are close to 1:1 you are going to have to focus by moving either the whole camera or the subject. Shifting the lens position just changes the ratio.