View Full Version : 11x14 camera rental?

Henry Ambrose
6-Feb-2007, 12:46

Does anyone know where I could rent an 11x14 field type camera with lens and a few film holders? Maybe I'd even travel to the camera rather than ship it here, maybe not. I've never shot with anything bigger than 8x10 and I keep wondering what wonderfulness lurks beyond that size.

Thanks in advance.

Oren Grad
6-Feb-2007, 13:13
I don't recall ever seeing an 11x14 listed as rental stock, though perhaps someone else here has.

Failing that, here are two other possibilities. First, you might check with one of the few dealers that occasionally have an 11x14 in stock - say, MPEX, or Quality Camera, or Lens and Repro - to see whether they'd make a special arrangement. And second, since you say you may be willing to travel, why not post a query to see whether there's someone who lives within a reasonable distance of you, who owns an 11x14 and might be able to accommodate a visit and a day spent working together in the field with the camera?

Henry Ambrose
6-Feb-2007, 13:19
Good idea Oren.

Anyone near Tennessee who'd care to share their 11x14 for a day?

Michael Kadillak
15-Apr-2010, 08:12
As a back up plan - If you ever get to Colorado I could fit the bill. I have a Deardorff V11 and a Wisner Technical field in 11x14 that also converts to 12x20 and 8x20.

Richard M. Coda
15-Apr-2010, 09:22
PM sent.