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al olson
5-Feb-2007, 11:56
Are there any Super Graphic shooters on this forum who have experience or knowledge of replacing its bellows?

I have a Toyo Super Graphic, which is nearly identical to an earlier Graflex Super Graphic that I bought back in 58. Other than the bellows it is still in near mint condition and still has the battery door and batteries as well as three cammed lenses in excellent condition.

This Super Graphic was purchased used 5 years ago and since then the bellows have developed a lot of cracks in the corner folds. I want to be able to operate the solenoid in the front standard via the shutter release button on the back frame as originally intended.

This morning I ordered bellows from camerabellows.com. However, they only have a generic 4x5 bellows for the Super Graphic. I am looking for a way to maintain electrical connectivity to the solenoid built into the front standard. (I contacted Toyo earlier and they tell me that they only have generic 4x5 bellows available as well.)

Are there conductive foil tapes available on the consumer market that can be attached to the bottom of the bellows? Is anyone aware of any other solutions for dealing with this problem?

Thanks for your help.

Dave Parker
5-Feb-2007, 12:12
Check with Radio Shack, back when I worked for them, we sold electric conductivity tape for electronic projects, Give them a call and tell the person you talk to that it should be in the force feed area of the store with the diodes and such.


al olson
5-Feb-2007, 13:17
Thanks, Dave, I will look into it.

If anyone else has any tips or ideas??? ...

5-Feb-2007, 14:13
This suggestion might not be timely for your purposes, but I'd first check with Fred Lustig (Reno NV) and have him do the bellows replacement using original parts, if he has any remaining.

al olson
5-Feb-2007, 14:35
Thanks, Brian, for the suggestion.

I just called him. He says he has none available.

Good thought, though.