View Full Version : Any good C41 labs in Chicago

Ron Marshall
4-Feb-2007, 20:36
Can anyone steer me to a good dip and dunk C41 lab in Chicago or suburbs?

5-Feb-2007, 15:11
Did you consider Gamma on Superior? The way they have been down sizing lately I hope they are still there.

David R Munson
5-Feb-2007, 15:24
When I was assisting there a few years ago, a lot of the photographers I worked with used Gamma. A few more used Lab One, and one firm used yet another lab the name of which I cannot for the life of me, but which was adjacent to the old meatpacking district.

bruce terry
5-Feb-2007, 15:36
Gamma (the old Astra Photo Service) was always excellent when I needed them over the years. Their website looks "busy" but as to their film work still at a high standard - not sure. Worth a try.

Kirk Gittings
5-Feb-2007, 16:04
Gamma has always done good C-41 processing for me when I am in Chicago during the summers. Lab One has closed. I am not sure who else does it.

Neal Wydra
6-Feb-2007, 08:47
Dear Ron,

I have used Perfect Image in the northwest suburbs in the past on the recommendation of a friend. I have only had film processed there but that has been done properly. I know they process 4x5, but I do not know if they process larger sizes.

Perfect Image Incorporated
(847) 297-2277
1550 S Mount Prospect Rd
Des Plaines, IL 60018

Neal Wydra

Ron Marshall
6-Feb-2007, 15:53
Thanks for all of the responses.

Bill Koechling
6-Feb-2007, 15:55
Another vote of confidence for Gamma and for Perfect Image -Bill

David R Munson
6-Feb-2007, 17:29
I asked a friend/former client (http://darrisharris.com/flash/site.html) client of mine in Chicago, and he recommends CSW and Precision in addition to Gamma. As he puts it, slim pickings after that.

Leonard Evens
7-Feb-2007, 05:18
I use Gamma fairly regularly. They do a pretty good job.