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4-Feb-2007, 18:40
Does anyone have a good reason that Graflex continued to put the Graflex back on their SLRs after the Graflock back was invented? It obviously wasn't because it wouldn't fit, as the last several Super D cameras where factory made with the Graflock. (Mine was a somewhat earlier Lens & Repro conversion.)

Dave Parker
4-Feb-2007, 18:44
Really for a lot of they did, there is no good reason, they were kind of an world onto themselves, of course at the time there were making them, there were still quite a lot of the graflex holders and roll film backs, etc. still available for them, of course the availability has diminished over the years, but still enough around that people shoot them..I feel the graflok was a much better back as is conformed to the standards and worked with what virtually every other company was doing. But, again, to try and understand, could take a lifetime!


Turner Reich
4-Feb-2007, 20:03

Maybe this explains why.

5-Feb-2007, 06:19
I believe it was because a lot of photographers already had the Graflex holders and wanted new cameras that would take the old holders. Now my 2x3 holders made for a Graflex back will fit on a 2x3 Graflock back, but I don't think that's the case with 4x5. I have not idea about 3x4.

Bart Nadeau_6607
5-Feb-2007, 12:39
the ONLY interchageable holder between Graflex and Graflok/Graphic backs is the 2x3 Grafmatic. Does not apply to the 45 Grafmatic.

Until the introduction of the Grafmatic and modern roll backs, a Graflex back enabled one to shoot and shoot using a 12 or 18 septum Graflex "bag" magazine.

6-Feb-2007, 07:08
I have nine 2x3 Graflex brand wooden plate holders made for the Graflex back and they fit just fine on the Graflok backs of both a 2x3 Speed and a Mamiya RB67. You are correct that Grafmatics are also interchangable in 2x3, although there are slight differences between those made for Graflex backs and those made for Grafloks. I don't see any practical difference in the five I have.

Bart Nadeau_6607
6-Feb-2007, 10:27
I should have typed properly fit. A 2 1/4x3 1/4 Graflex holder is the same width as the same size Graphic holder and will fit in a Graphic back but you loose the advantage of any kind of light baffle, you have neither the slot of the Graflex holder as there is no corresponding ridge in the Graphic back; nor the ridge of the Graphic holder to fit in slot in the Graphic back. Also the Graflex holder is much shorter than the Graphic; it is much slower to reverse the holder because there is nothing to conveniently grasp.
Don't know what your supply of glass plates is or if you are using sheaths in the plate holders, but, given that Graphic sheet film holders are available for practically nothing, why take a chance on a light leak?

6-Feb-2007, 11:29
Well, we seem to be off on a tangent, but in case this thread shows up in someone's future search, I'm not talking about Graphic backs. You are correct that there are plenty of Graphic sheet film holders available. You are correct that one should probably not try to use Graflex holders in a Graphic back.

However, I use 2x3 holders meant for Graflex backs on Graflok backs. The same with Grafmatics. The absence of the ridge makes no difference with the Graflok back as the two slides hold the film holder firmly in place.

As for plates, we may all be making our own one day. Until then, I'll use sheaths.