View Full Version : Graflex 23 Roll Film Holder for my 4x5

Albert Martinez
8-Aug-2000, 14:30
I've been seing a noticable change in the spacing between photograph. Does anyone know whether there are any adjustment that would cure this problem. Is film flatness an issue with these devises. I was really tempted to purchase a Linhof or Horseman but their very expensive, even used. Should I invest the money for a Linhof or stick to the Graflex? In term of film flatness, are there substantial differences between the two to justify there sizable price difference?

Thanks for your thoughts, Albert

pat krentz
8-Aug-2000, 17:42
You might check with Jim Galvin, who does machine work for photographers, since the spacing is a matter if gears. Pat

8-Aug-2000, 21:47
Old Graphic holders do tend to have uneven spacing. As for flatness...YES there is a difference. The knob wind holders do not have film rollers, making them the least effective for holding film flat. The lever wind holders have roller guides and are better, but, still not as good as holders with a normal pressure plate behind the film. The Graphic holders do not have a pressure plate. When you close the lens down it gets rid of much of the flatness problem (masks it in image depth). I use them at f16 or smaller and they are fine. If you need to use wider apertures, I would try to find a good used modern holder instead.

John Hicks
9-Aug-2000, 00:46
It's normal for a Graflex holder to have some uneven spacing, but in no case sho uld frames overlap or be spaced so wide that you run out of film before you run out of image.

If it's a knob-wind holder, it'd probably be better to spend the bucks on a Ho rseman holder, which has a pressure plate, rather than having it repaired.

Dean Lastoria
9-Aug-2000, 21:01
If you have the 23 already this is what I did with both mine. Expose a roll, tape it back to the 120 paper and re-roll it. Line the start arrow up with the arrow on the holder. Now you got to make sure that the clock-work is wound out so give it a few more zings. Then once the arrow is lined up put the holder up to your ear and wait for two clicks as you roll the dial to the start position -- small clicks like a tick. that is as far as you move it. Then run it though to see where the film does sit. That way you can predict it. See ifyou need to under or over wind it a smidge. Dean

Albert Martinez
10-Aug-2000, 03:08
I'd like to thank everyone for their curteous and informative responses. I can defenitely live with the minor annoyance, now that I know it's common. I recently purchased a Horseman 6x7 back so I'll probably be using the 23 less.

Thanks again........


John Hicks
10-Aug-2000, 11:41
BTW, don't expect any rollback to have perfect spacing; it's just the nature of using non-perforated rollfilm.