View Full Version : Hasemi Cameras?

Brian Whalen
3-Feb-2007, 23:58
does anyone know anything about Hasemi cameras? quality?movements?lens capabilities, etc? i am just getting into 4x5 photo and was wondering what you guys had for opinions regarding these cameras. thanks in advance.

4-Feb-2007, 04:04
Hi, Brian

Please see the following link for a brief introduction of Hasemi camera:

Some additional information available from Japanese page as follows:
Back standard move formard 50mm to accomodate WA lens.
Bed down (correct terminology?) is available to accomodate WA lens.

Tilt: 30 degree back/forward
Swing: 25 degree
Shift 10mm L/R
The folded size exclude any components protruded.

Wood: cherry wood
Metal parts: heavily chrome plated to very high standard.
Wood construction of front standard is not thick enough to accomodate very heavy

I don't know any history of Hasemi camera works but the camera was made
around 1950s or early 1960s.

Brian Ellis
4-Feb-2007, 08:14
I assume you're looking at the one that's on ebay. I've been looking for a light weight 4x5 so this one caught my eye. I sent two questions about the camera to the seller several days ago and haven't received a response. Although the seller says the bellows is fine, it doesn't look very good to me in the picture so given the lack of response to my questions I've been leery of bidding on it.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
4-Feb-2007, 08:33
From the images on the website it looks identical to a Nagaoka or an Anba.