View Full Version : Soft focus len comparison.

3-Feb-2007, 23:23
Has anyone on this list done a comparison between the main contenders in the "old time" soft focus lens stakes?

I know Jim has a few images with different lenses but i was after a comparison of one vs the other of the same subject.If you have any images of the same subject with different lenses can you post here please?


Paul Fitzgerald
3-Feb-2007, 23:40

How high is up???


That's what you just asked for. :D

Each of the old soft-focus lenses is so adjustable by f/stop and focus this would be mission impossible, not to mention starting an Ebay sell-a-thon for lenses mentioned. ;)

C. D. Keth
4-Feb-2007, 14:10
Jim has done that a few times. See the "Peach Blossom Bokeh" page, "Lens Bokeh Studies", "The Tailgate Portraits", and "The Porcelain Coffeepot Pictures" on his website. They all feature comparisons between different lenses, though not always with the exact same subject.