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3-Feb-2007, 22:43
My name is Wendy and I have been member here for a bit. Checking out all the info. I have mostly done 35mm and digital photography. I recently bought a Mamiya camera. I then got hooked on the old fashion Cameras and want to understand more about Large Format.

3-Feb-2007, 22:56
Hello Wendy!

Welcome to the world of large format!


3-Feb-2007, 23:16
Hi Wendy, welcome from Hawaii.

3-Feb-2007, 23:42
My name is Wendy ...and want to understand more about Large Format.

Greetings Wendy,

You'll certainly learn all that you'll ever need to know about LF from some of the good folks on this forum. That's for sure! :)

To start off with... do a search on this forum for some "bedtime" reading materials. There are some great books out there to help you along.

Secondly, if you can rent a view camera for a weekend... rent one and play around with it. LF photography isn't for everyone and this will be a reasonable way to get your feet wet.

The above not withstanding, LF photography IS a lot of fun and when you see your first properly exposed chrome on a light table... you'll be hooked! :)

Good luck!


Eric Biggerstaff
4-Feb-2007, 09:06
Welcome Wendy.

This forum is a great place to learn about LF photography but I would also recommend reading a few intro books. A good start is Using the View Camera by Steve Simmons. There are also several good intro articles on the View Camera magazine site under the Free Articles section, so you might want to check them out.

There are MANY very talented LF photographers in the Colorado area and if you have never used a LF camera, you might want to touch base with one or two and see if they can show you a few things.

Stay in touch with the forum and don't be afraid to ask ANY question as someone here will have the answer.

Good luck and have fun!


Ralph Barker
4-Feb-2007, 10:33
Welcome to the LF Forum, Wendy.

4-Feb-2007, 21:15
Wow, some great starters. Just ordered the View book. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Vick Vickery
4-Feb-2007, 22:04
Welcome to group therepy, Windy!

Uri Kolet
4-Feb-2007, 22:35
Welcome Wendy, from Vancouver, Canada; glad to have you here.