View Full Version : Nice 10-12 inch barrel lens to screw into a #3 shutter

Frank Petronio
3-Feb-2007, 21:46
I happen to have a nice #3 shutter here with some bad cells. Perhaps people could suggest a few interesting 240-300mm barrell lenses to watch out for on the Bay? Ones that would screw into the #3 without a lot of hassle, needing only an aperture scale and maybe a CLA to go?

In particular I'd be interested something with a nice "signature" like perhaps a Xenar, with going so far as a flat out portrait lens.

Kirk Fry
3-Feb-2007, 22:46
355mm G-Claron, direct fit.
300L Fujinon f5.6 (A tessar)


Jim Galli
3-Feb-2007, 22:57
Frank, are you talking American made #3 like an Ilex or Betax / Alphax? or #3 Copal or Compur?

Frank Petronio
4-Feb-2007, 06:45
I have a #3 Prontor Professional, I think that is the same thread as a Copal.