View Full Version : Lens-mounted lens hoods for LF?

10-Jun-1998, 15:19
I'm trying to find a practical bellows-style lens hood for mounting on the lense s of LF cameras. I'm considering the Lee that sells for about $100 (plus $40-70 for a lens thread adaptor ring); it's on page 386 of the big new B&H Sourcebook (cat #LELH or LELHFS).

Any experience with this or other lens-mounted hoods for LF? (They have to be ad aptable to different lenses, of course). I've done the compendium thing for year s and want something easier to set up (and effective for 360 degrees around the lens, not just above it), so I'm not interested in the many available camera-mou nted lens hoods....

Thanks in advance.

Ellis Vener
10-Jun-1998, 21:11
Have you looked at the cousins to the Lee system: the Sinar and the Hightech? Th e Sinar is a 3 slot filter holder that has 3 rigid tubes that snap together for different focal lengths, The tubes in turn snap into the front of the filter hol der. And of course there are different adapters for different diameters of lense s. I believe there are also three diffrent sizes of rear element adapters. The H ightech is similar except that the filter holder design(s) are different.

Bob Jensen
13-Jun-1998, 17:01
I had the Lee but returned it. The standard hood/ holder didn't work well with WA lenses, with a 75mm even push all the way back and locked it would vignette, and forget about movements. I understand from a reply I received on rec.photo.l arge format that Lee had announced a WA version of their hood. BTW the Lee filt ers are very nice but expensive.

Hope this helps. Bob