View Full Version : 240 G-Claron tutoral?

Jim Rice
3-Feb-2007, 12:52
I have acquired one from a respected member of the forum. Wide open at infinity, it seems really soft (soft to the point of being difficult to focus). I understand that it isn't recommended at wider than f 32 at infinity. Is this normal? If so, how does one compose and focus? Am I missing something here? Does the front shim make a difference?
Please understand that I am absolutely not casting any aspersions toward the seller. Also the weather here has been terribly sucky, so my experiences have been pretty cursory.

3-Feb-2007, 12:57
If there was a shim then you should leave it.

Did you remount it?

Jim Rice
3-Feb-2007, 13:10
Nope. Factory mounted in a Copal #1.

3-Feb-2007, 13:11
Something is wrong. In no case should it be soft so that you couldn't focus the lens.

Ralph Barker
3-Feb-2007, 13:13
I don't recall mine appearing soft, even wide-open for focusing, Jim. Notwithstanding the factory mount in the Copal 1, might there be a spacing problem? The diagram on the Schneider site shows a total length of 53.5mm.


Jim Rice
3-Feb-2007, 13:21
Thanks, guys. I will contact the seller.

Jan Pedersen
3-Feb-2007, 14:37
Jim, What format are you using?
I use one on 4x5 and it is sharp wide open.

Jim Rice
3-Feb-2007, 15:03
My apologies to all involved. Upon trying her on a non-monsoon day, she focuses fine. My bad.