View Full Version : Ball Bearing Shutter

3-Feb-2007, 08:43
I recently aquired an old Kodak ball bearing shutter w/ lens (incredibly sharp lens I found) but the bearings in it are worn out. I cannot find, however, what size it used, and the original bearings are worn to the point that I cannot be sure. Does someone know what size of bearings were used in the EKC ball bearing shutter?

David R Munson
3-Feb-2007, 23:43
Not sure just how small they are, but you might try taking one of the bearings into a decent bike shop - they're used to looking at very worn bearings and figuring out what size they once were so they can supply replacements.

Jim Noel
4-Feb-2007, 21:12
Ball bearing shutters were made in several sizes. The suggestion to go to a bike shop is a good one.

5-Feb-2007, 08:57
Ok, determined it uses 1/16" bearings. I hope this is all that's needed to get this working, but if not, no biggie, as the shutter seems a pretty simple design.

C. D. Keth
5-Feb-2007, 10:36
I have one of those that I opened up and promptly bumped it off the table and lost the ball bearings to the carpet forever.

I guessed and substituted very small size steel shot from an opened up shotgun shell and it works like a charm. I got lucky ;)

Glenn Thoreson
5-Feb-2007, 12:54
I think they only came in one, maybe two sizes. Lots of them available on $bay. I try to snag one now and then if it's got a Rapid Rectlinear in it. Very simple shutter. No escapement, just variable tension on a spring or two, depending on if it's the 2 or 3 speed model. Rarely very accurate.

6-Feb-2007, 05:42
I don't care about accuracy, as I use it on B setting almost exclusively.