View Full Version : 12" gold-rimmed dagor - values?

2-Feb-2007, 20:12
How does one determine the value of a 12" gold-rimmed dagor? I've seen a few sell at fairly high prices on ebay, but what determines that? Are they all expensive?

Steve Hamley
2-Feb-2007, 20:20
Gold Dagors seem to command a higher price than the later Gold Dot Dagors because of Asian bidders. Dagors are common (generally) but expensive (generally), especially the later Gold, Gold Dot, and Kern lenses.

They are relatively expensive because they are generally small and have wide angles of coverage with a reasonable maximum aperture, something lens manufacturers would be commended to note. They are also expensive because there's a high demand and limited supply.


4-Feb-2007, 15:13
So what would be the going price for one? I might be able to pick one up from a shop for a fairly good price, but I'm not sure what the generally accepted value is. For example, I saw a couple go on ebay for > $1000 - is this unusual? What would be a more reasonable price, if so? Is every 12" dagor in good shape, in a working shutter, with a gold rim valuable?

Steve Hamley
4-Feb-2007, 15:18
If it's cosmetically and optically excellent, I'd say 1,100 - 1,200 would be an average price these days. $750 if someone's scuffed up the barrel with push-on adapters. I bought a Gold Dot Dagor a year or so ago with perfect glass but some barrel blemishing from push-on adapters for about $750, and it is an excellent lens.


4-Feb-2007, 16:21
Well, I've bid up to the maximum I can afford and was outbid.

Thanks for the information.

For anybody interested, you might still be able to get a hell of a deal on this sucker:
Item number: 290078621171

I was thinking if I could have gotten it for $700, I'd have had the 150 symmar convertible that I want and been able to sell the rest for well over $1000. Oh well.

The dagor isn't well advertised but you can see it in one of the pictures.

4-Feb-2007, 16:36
That's so pimp.

John Powers
5-Feb-2007, 13:55

How do you know it is a gold rim Dagor? The auction you mention has quite a bit more than that lens. Were you thinking $700 for the package or the Dagor? "RARE: an older Sinar 4x5 camera with all the extras and it is in excellent condition. All of the movements are smooth and move easily but will lock in place. It comes with 4 older lenses, a Schneider - Kreuznach Symmar 150, a Schneider - Kreuznach Symmar Xenar 135, a Wollensak 91/2" and a Ilex Dagor 12"

For another reference point I bought my 12inch gold rim Dagor for $1200 at the View Camera conference last summer from Jeff at Quality Camera in Atlanta. Comments from several people more knowledgeable than I were, "Wow that is a lot of money". Disappointment because they wanted to buy it, but hadn't made up their mind before I did. "A very good lens for the going price." If I paid too much then it has more than paid me back in good pictures. I needed a lot of coverage for a lot of movement shooting abandoned greenhouses on a 7x17.


5-Feb-2007, 14:30
There's a picture with all the lenses laid out (very low resolution) and you can clearly see that one of them looks exactly like the 12" gold dagor with the gold rim. So it's a bit of a gamble, because it's not explicit, but I figured $700 would be a good price for the whole kit anyway (given that I wanted the symmar 150/265, and could put the monorail to good use as a longer extension camera for macro & long lens stuff). I won't / can't bid above that, but just thought I'd give everyone else here the heads up in case someone is looking (and maybe wants to clarify with the seller first).

7-Feb-2007, 18:03
Did anyone here get this sweet looking kit? It went for $1700 or so... wow.