View Full Version : Sequoia and King National Parks

Howard Slavitt
23-May-2000, 11:21
I plan on spending three days this week-end in Sequoia and King National Parks s hooting color landscapes. Any particular suggestions as to areas I should visit and hikes to take? Thanks.

Paul Schilliger
23-May-2000, 12:35
You, lucky ! Avoid camping in some bears den though: they are still pretty skin ny this time of the year! (Just a note of humor, I don't know what I am talking about)

Richard S. Ross
23-May-2000, 13:09
In Sequoia, one of my favorite places to go is the Alta peak area. The trail head is out of Wolverton, and you have the option of going up to Alta Meadow and/or Alta Peak, or you can head to the left up to Pear Lake. Both trails are 6 milish, and you are granted a beautiful view of the great western divide. This is a great backpack if that is your thing. Mineral King is also incredibly beautiful, but it is a *very* long drive and any hiking means a lot of elevation gain. Perhaps not a great first trip to carry the LF along, especially on a holiday weekend.

Have fun!