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Gary Alba
2-Feb-2007, 14:24
Even though I've been at this quite awhile, I'm still humbled by the novice who comes and states to me, "That's some camera. What kind of pictures do you take with that?" My stock reply, "Sometimes very good ones and sometimes very bad".

I do have quite a bit of down time here at work and found the "Forum" while searching out photo sites on the web. Being interested mainly in black and white since picking up a camera, I eagerly clicked on the examples of Rob's work done in Zion National Park. I almost fell off of my chair, (just a little exageration), when I saw his image of the split rock. With the exception of the piece being horizontal, it's as if we put our tripods on the very same spot.

It looks like that time it was a very good one.

Has anyone else chanced upon the work of another that could have been taken for something you did. I don't mean your shots of Mt Whitney from the Alabama Hills, (I've yet been able to get a decent one), but something that caught your eye as you were passing by, something you hadn't seen before even though you had been up and down that road many times.

2-Feb-2007, 14:55
I have photographed enough times in Yosemite to run across this situation -- especially with anything that can be taken from along the road LOL!

It is even strange enough to run across a photo taken in the same obscure place. I was looking at a photo taken by Gier Jordahl in New Zealand, and I asked him, "That's Truman Cove, isn't it?" (west coast South Island) The photo was mostly sand (with a piece of seaweed) with a little bit of non-desript rock in the background. It just happened I had photographed there many years previously and remember setting up on that bit of rock.

It really is a small world!


Ralph Barker
2-Feb-2007, 17:20
Welcome to the LF Forum, Gary.

John Voss
3-Feb-2007, 17:19
On a very foggy day recently, I set up the Shen-Hao and made a photograph of a local lake with a diffused island background, and sharply rendered dock in the foreground. A couple of days later I saw a nearly identical view published in our local newspaper taken on the same day. I, in a moment of galactic egoism, decided the journalist had been driving by and saw my set-up and returned later to get the shot he then had published. :rolleyes: In fact, I hope he's just a fellow traveler with a similar sensibility.