View Full Version : Source for Foma N111 ?

John Kasaian
2-Feb-2007, 09:28

With J&C being off-line, does anyone know of another source for Foma N111 in North America? Thanks!

13-Feb-2007, 20:58
Freestyle photo in L.A. has a bunch of Foma products. Try http://www.freestylephoto.biz/

John Kasaian
14-Feb-2007, 08:57

Thanks, I was at Freestyle 3 days ago and they aren't stocking N111 :( I agree that they do have a lot of Forte and Arista Forte-oid (and even quite a bit Agfa and Arista-Ilford-oid) stuff left in the pipeline. The Arista Classic Fiber graded paper (Ilford Galerie) was a real bargain---25 sheets of glossy 8x10 for $11! :)

Ted Harris
14-Feb-2007, 09:42
You can get it direct from where J&C get it ..... www.fotoimpex.de

John Kasaian
17-Feb-2007, 16:46
I went to fotoimpex and they list a bunch of Foma paper, but no N111 that I could see:( Thanks anyway!