View Full Version : Schneider problem

Randy Toole
2-Feb-2007, 07:19
My old Schneider 90 mm lens which is affixed to the recessed lensboard is missing the plunger pin to allow access for a cable release. I noticed a Technika on Ebay through Adorama which shows the 90 mm with an angled extension allowing the use of a cable.
Does anyone know where to get these attachments? Thanks in advance for any help.

Ted Harris
2-Feb-2007, 07:26
I have a couple of these gizmos but not sure where I got 'em ..... check with Jim at Midwest.

Bob Salomon
2-Feb-2007, 07:50
To get the replacement parts for a Linhof Quick Release Cable Release System contact marflex@aol.com.

Linhof no longer uses the bent wire system. On their current WA recessed Technika/TK boards they use a short version of the Gepe Wide Angle Cable Release Adapter. These can be ordered from any HP Marketing Corp dealer. It is a Gepe Pro item. Our dealer listing is on our web site www.hpmarketingcorp.com.

For a description of the Gepe Pro Wide Angle Cable Release Adapter see Gepe Pro on our web site.