View Full Version : Shen Hao HZX 5x7 and 110 mm lens

JJ Viau
2-Feb-2007, 05:58

Coming from a Sinar F2 in that format. Im looking for a folding 5x7 camera with back mouvements and/but able to work with the super symmar 110mm.
I am tending toward a shen hao HZX (the classic design, not that with front focussing). Does someone know to which extent I will be able to use a 110mm lens with that camera?

2-Feb-2007, 06:33
I know it works fine with a 105mm. I forget how short you can go with a flat board but I want to say about 80mm from ground glass to lensboard.

Will it give the same sort of movements a Sinar would? Some body lend me a Sinar and I'll tell ya -)

JJ Viau
3-Feb-2007, 14:10
Thank you Nick, I guess Ill order a 5x7 Shen Hao. Do you actually have one of those? Are you happy with it?



3-Feb-2007, 15:09
I have the HZX57-IIAT. Mine is older with a spring back. The pictures on the website show the new ones have a graflok back. I guess to use the 6x17 film holder.

It's not the lightest camera in the world but I expected that. Other then that it works fine with either the 5x7 or 4x5 back. The case is too small. Or at least the one they sold when I got mine.

3-Feb-2007, 18:42
I recently acquired a 5x7 Tachihara (used) that seems to have been special ordered for macro work, as the bellows extends far beyond what is customary in this model and make. I was wary, and actually afraid to use the camera for a few days, thinking it was do dainty (it is quite beautiful). I was going to get a Shen, but heard stories of hit and miss quality issues with the brand. I have been extremely happy with the Tachihara, and have actually been able to focus a 127mm Ektar on it. Really!

Jim Noel
8-Feb-2007, 09:10
No, the ShenHao has good movement for what it is, a field camera, but in no way will it give you the movements of a Sinar.

JJ Viau
8-Feb-2007, 10:43
Thank you for the answers. I was looking for an alternative to the 5x7 F2 I already have but which is very bulky to transport. Now - having 4x5 and 8x10 field cameras already, I think a lighter field 8x10 would be more what I am looking for...
I thought Id let you know! Thank you for the answers anyway!