View Full Version : A real Linhof Technar on eBay with good Pix

Frank Petronio
1-Feb-2007, 18:58
I don't know this seller so buyer beware, but it looks legit and it has really nice photos of the camera.

I think it shames those cheap Alpa 12s ;)


Wanna bet on the final price? I bet over $5000 USD.

Steve Hamley
1-Feb-2007, 19:43

Buy it!


Frank Petronio
1-Feb-2007, 20:18
I found a Technika V for $725 and that was a stretch ;)

But it is a prudy little gadget isn't it?

2-Feb-2007, 02:49
Wanna bet on the final price? I bet over $5000 USD.

considering the price for the cambo wide DS with mouvements... but strange things happen on ebay...

2-Feb-2007, 02:51
A mastodon from a different era. For the price of this animal you can buy Fotoman 45PS almost like they were disposable cameras... Much could be said about this naïve try to create a legend - and the different Alpa approach with a much different result, for good reasons.

Frank Petronio
8-Feb-2007, 14:05
I see it is relisted and me suspects it could be a scam. The same seller is also selling a Biogon and some other exotic stuff, but nothing mundane...

David A. Goldfarb
8-Feb-2007, 14:08
He also have some RZ stuff listed and a few fairly ordinary LF lenses.

8-Feb-2007, 14:12
There is also a Technar with 65mm lens...