View Full Version : Manual for Wista 45 RF anyone...?

1-Feb-2007, 09:35
I just got a nice Wista 45 RF from Ebay and this thing has more knobs and levers on that I can figure out...does anyone have a manual that they can copy for me? I would be eternally gratefull.

Bob Salomon
1-Feb-2007, 10:52
We have new RF manuals in stock. They are $10.00 each. You can order one by calling 800 735-4373. SP, VX and the field camera manuals are also in stock. As we are the distributor for Wista all are new.

Dick Hilker
3-Feb-2007, 08:58

The "manual" that was sent along with a used 45RF I recently bought was a four pager with limited info, apparently copied from a larger manual. Is the new manual more comprehensive?

An e-mail inquiry I sent your firm was unanswered.

Many thanks,

Bob Salomon
3-Feb-2007, 12:08
Please call to get a manual. Email won't work.