View Full Version : Enlarged Negs for Alternative Printing

Scott Walton
7-Aug-2000, 22:39
I'm curious, for those of you that do alternative process (via contacting enlarg ed negatives) like platinum printing, what are your negative materials that you favor and the developers you use. Also, has anyone used Kodak Veraslite 8x10 she ets? I've done some tests and the results look promising... I just want to know if anyone else has tried it. Cheers

pat krentz
8-Aug-2000, 00:39
Check Bostick&Sullivan website they have a very good article on enlarged negatives. Pat

8-Aug-2000, 10:07
You might want to consider making digital 'internegs' as well, a la Dan Burkholder. These days, you can even make largish internegs on a home PC using a good quality A3 sized inkjet printer and do a print on high gloss low artifact inkjet papers.

There is an online site describing the ins and outs here:


Mike Kravit
8-Aug-2000, 22:51

I wrote the artice on enlarged negatives using lith film that appears on the Bostick and Sullivan web page. Should you have any questions, I would pleased to answer them.

You need to make sure that your interpositive is flat and has all the detail you need in both the highlights and shadows. I use Ilford Ortho Plus and on occassion Agfa Gevatone N31p. For my enlarged negatives I used to use orth films, but now I use ISO 125 pan film from the Photo Warehouse. This film has a great straight line curve and a surface that can be retouched very easily.


Mike Kravit
8-Aug-2000, 22:54
Oops, I almost forgot, I use PMK Pyro, Rollo Pyro and Ilford Ilfotec DDX developers.