View Full Version : APO-Ronar Information Needed

Douglasa A. Benson
6-Aug-2000, 14:13
Greetings, I am considering the purchase of a Rodenstock APO-Ronar 360 f/9: s/n 724559. Can anyone help me to determine the approximate age of this lens and if it is multi coated? Many thanx, DAB.

Douglasa A. Benson
6-Aug-2000, 14:19
On most days, I am able to spell my first name correctly...'dont know what is going on this morning...#*!?~

DAB. computer!!!

Bob Salomon
6-Aug-2000, 14:40
1935 assuming it is really a 6 digit serial number and that was several decades before multi-coating technology was developed.

If the serial number is a 7 digit number starting with a 7 it is an early 1970 version

Larry Huppert
6-Aug-2000, 17:14
You may be able to determine if it's multicoated just by looking at it. Take a look at Terry Thalmann's page on Fujinon lenses (http://largeformat.homepage.com/fujinon.htm) as a reference. He shows some very instructive photos of how single coated vs. multicoated lenses reflect light when viewing the lens surfaces under a lamp.