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30-Jan-2007, 17:01

I am in need of a part for my Sinar camera. I have tried contacting Sinar and my local dealer, but Sinar won't respond and the local dealer isn't very helpful.

I am in need of the small metal adapter that connects the carrier frame to the standard. I beleive I have a carrier frame that was compatible with the F standard (it was on an F1 when I got it), but I am trying to connect it to a P standard. The "adapter" part that was on there did not fit-- the screws did not line up and the carrier would not have been centered if I had used it. I have pictures of both below.

If anyone can identify this piece by name-- or better yet, by part number-- I would certainly be appreciative.

I am new to large format photography, but have been involved with medium format and, of course, 35mm for years and years.


JW Dewdney
30-Jan-2007, 17:07
I believe it's just a carrier frame. But it's a carrier frame for a P2. That's the only camera that it will work with (unless you want to use the frame off a P).

David A. Goldfarb
30-Jan-2007, 17:29
If "contacting Sinar" means you sent an e-mail to Sinarbron, then I recommend calling them. They aren't very quick about responding to e-mail, but they are very helpful over the phone in my experience.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if a used format frame for a P/P2 might not be less expensive than the part needed for converting this one, if it is possible.

1-Feb-2007, 06:02
Thanks for the responses. I wonder why a company would ignore its e-mail. I like the idea of just buying a new carrier frame-- I can sell the old one, too.

David A. Goldfarb
1-Feb-2007, 06:47
I get the sense they just don't have much of an e-mail culture. They probably make most of their big sales through direct contact with photographers, rather than through retail stores, sending reps to commercial studios and picking up equipment for repair when necessary, and that kind of personal service is part of the attraction of Sinar for the high-end studios in the New York area.

Jerry Flynn
1-Feb-2007, 20:12
You would need a plate that attaches to the bottom of the frame you show. The plate would have the hole and thumbscrew to attach the frame to the post on your standard bearer.

I'm not sure Sinar made or sold such a thing since F rear standards were not supposed to convert directly to a P2 in the manner you are attempting.

I hope you can find a solution though.