View Full Version : Rear lens cap for APO-Ronar CL 1000/16

Marco Annaratone
30-Jan-2007, 13:25
Now that I am the proud keeper of this huge lens, does anybody know of a place that sells oversized lens caps? I miss the rear lens cap and I believe that the diameter should be 135mm, give or take. The usual suspects (B&H etc) have (push-on) lens caps up to 120mm...

Thanks a million.


Ralph Barker
30-Jan-2007, 14:40
If you don't find one wandering the streets, you might check with S.K. Grimes (www.skgrimes.com) - they make caps to order, albeit not at the general brand prices.

Marco Annaratone
31-Jan-2007, 04:24
An excellent suggestion Ralph, I had forgotten that the Grimes make lens caps as well. Thanks!