View Full Version : Polarizer w/ 72mm XL

30-Jan-2007, 01:00
Greetings, all. I'm looking for recommendations for using a polarizing filter with a Schneider 72mm XL, which has a 95mm thread in front and is wide enough to be pretty susceptible to vignetting without a wide angle adaptor of some sort.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

John Brady
30-Jan-2007, 08:41
Hi Elon,
I have a 72xl and I use a Heliopan screw in filter. It is a modern filter so it is fairly thin. I have been happy with the quality and the results. I have not had a problem with vignetting. This lens has lots of movement and I can also use the Lee filter system on it. I got mine from Jim at Midwest.

I also have the 47xl, this lens is a real problem with filters and vignetting. I love the lens and the superwide view. When I use a poloarizer I put on the center filter and hold a glass Lee linear polarizer in front of the lens.

I recently ordered some b+w extra wide filters in red and yellow for black and white for the 47.

95mm polarizers are not cheap but neither is the lens. I do not use a center filter so you have to be carefull with banding in the open areas of blue sky. Some clouds help.