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29-Jan-2007, 14:43
Hello All,
I'm very new to this group and have a question about whether a post would be allowed and which forum it would be best suited for...if allowable

There is a person on Ebay making fraudulent L/F equipment listings (gets the money and never sends the item). I would like to post as much info about this as I can in the hopes of protecting as many others as I can. Yes I was burned...bad.

Ted Harris
29-Jan-2007, 15:29
:( Rob, there hve been a number of threads on thi sort of behavior over the past month. If you have new info post it to the Lounge.

Sorry you got burned!

29-Jan-2007, 15:34
Thank You Ted, I just didn't want to violate any rules of this site by posting specific information about this "seller?"

31-Jan-2007, 18:53
post it!

31-Jan-2007, 19:10

Did you pay through Paypal? If so, you may well be covered through their protection.


Mark Sawyer
1-Feb-2007, 19:32
My experience with Paypal is that their "protection" is worthless. I got burned, and after a long correspondance, the non-delivering seller agreed to a refund. He transferred fund to Paypal, who notified me that the funds were awaiting my approval...

I tried at least forty or fifty times to get the funds, but they just kept sending me form letters telling me I should accept the transfer. After a few months of this, they told me they'd returned the funds because I didn't accept them...

In another case of non-delivery, they just put my claim on hold until it expired. There isn't any protection I can see, except Paypal protecting itself from any effort...

Dave Parker
2-Feb-2007, 00:07
I will never understand why so many have troubles with paypal, I have used them since day one and they are my main system for processing and I have never on either of my companies had any problem with them..


Per Madsen
2-Feb-2007, 01:54
I have not experienced any problems with Paypal.

I have four incidents of non delivery of goods and i have got a refund
every time.

I use my EuroCard (MasterCard) for Paypal and doublecheck the statement
from EuroCard Denmark every month.

I usualy avoid sellers with under 98.00 % in feedback.

Michael Graves
2-Feb-2007, 10:55
I've had pretty good success with Paypal so far. I did encounter the same situation as Mark did, with the "Claim your Funds" issue. In my situation it was because the person sending me money was international. I don't understand the wherefores and hithertos, but Paypal was telling me that I didn'thave an account in that domain. Whatever the #$%#$$$ THAT was supposed to mean. They sent the person trying to pay me instructions on direct paying to my account and I got the money. As I say, I don't understand a bit of that or why they couldn't just pay me directly to begin with. But Paypal resolved the issue to both of our satisfactions.