View Full Version : step up ring size for my wollensak 135 on crown

paul schuster
7-Aug-2000, 18:48
I would like to use my 52mm filters on my 135mm wollensak that came on my crown graphic. I would appreciate any insight on the size of step up ring needed.

much appreciated,

paul schuster

Robert A. Zeichner
7-Aug-2000, 20:27
Paul, If it's an f4.5 Raptar Series II, it most likely requires a 38mm slip-on adapter. Problem is the slip-on types are designed for drop-in series filters. You may need to find a series 6 to 52mm adapter and that could be difficult. You may find it easier to just get an appropriate slip-on adapter and buy some old series 6 filters. I've seen lots of these at used camera shows. Hope this helps.

John Lehman
7-Aug-2000, 20:48
You can make a series 6 to 52mm stepup ring by epoxying a series-6 retailing ring into an old 52mm filter (break out the glass of course). Use this with the appropriate series-6 pushon adapter as described above

7-Aug-2000, 21:59
For 135mm f:4.7 Raptar (Optar) it's a 1 1/2" (38mm) slip-on Series 6 adapter.

Ron Shaw
8-Aug-2000, 14:17
I did this to my 162mm Wollensak (Graphlex Optar) by taking a slightly larger step up ring and filing down the threads until I could force it into the threads of the lens. Its more or less permanent, but now I can use my 52mm Nikon filters on it.

Gene Crumpler
9-Aug-2000, 17:42
Rummage through the filter box at your local professionl photo shop. I found a slip-on adapter and a couple of series 6 filters for B&W work. $5 for the three pieces!