View Full Version : Linhof repair recommendations

Randy Toole
29-Jan-2007, 06:34
I have a Technika IV that has developed a focusing mechanism problem - focusing wheels not moving and sounds like it is out of alignment or a gear is worn. Should I send the camera to Marflex or is Richard Ritter a good choice? Thanks for any feedback.

29-Jan-2007, 06:49
Marflex is the Linhof repair center in the US, so it would probably be a good choice :D Not cheap, but that's not unexpected, is it?

Bob Salomon
29-Jan-2007, 08:17
Marflex is also the only factory trained service center in the USA.

Randy Toole
29-Jan-2007, 14:07
Thank you gentlemen, Marflex it will be.