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28-Jan-2007, 16:02

page 59

Emmanuel BIGLER
29-Jan-2007, 02:15
Misura 8x10" : yes, I've seen the prototype here in Besançon. The image is actually on page 61 of the above mentioned catalog.
Nice to read that it is now (2007-01) available from dealers.
It uses the same front (no gear) and rear (no tilts) light-weight function carriers as the 4x5" misura. Front lensboards & frames are the current 141 series and the front standard is fitted with the manual ("dynamix") Orbix®.
The rear standard has some capability of rise.
The rail folds in 2 parts of different lengths, the shorter will accommodate the collapsed camera, and once folded the longer part folds up and attaches to the top of the rear standard ; it serves as a handle to carry the camera.
There is a nice self-locking bar system to pull the ground glass backward when introducing the 8x10" film holder.
The bellows is made of a very supple synthetic material and can be collapsed to be very flat as shown on the picture.

29-Jan-2007, 09:27
so, no more leather bag, or metal shell.