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Diane Maher
28-Jan-2007, 15:56
I just bought a Fujinon-SF 250 mm lens on ebay and after I received it, saw that there are several different aperture scales on it. One is in the normal white lettering, one is in red and the third is in yellow. What are the red and yellow scales for?

There is also a large screw in separator for use between the shutter and the board, I presume. When using the lens for portraiture, should this separator be used?

28-Jan-2007, 16:17
This lens should have diffusion disks, one with a yellow dot and the other with a red dot, to adjust the softening or diffusion of the image. The colored aperture scales are used when the appropriate disk is in place.

Diane Maher
28-Jan-2007, 17:20
I see. Thanks Eric. I seem to have only gotten the disk with the yellow dot on it.

28-Jan-2007, 18:23
If you want to get a red aperture plate, Diane, contact Jim Andreki (probably mis-spelled) at Midwest in Columbus OH. He had some earlier in the year (or maybe it was last year) for sale at about $35 each.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
28-Jan-2007, 19:36
Here is a scan of the original English instructions which came with the Fujinon-SF, explaining how to use the disks.

Diane Maher
29-Jan-2007, 06:25
Thanks Brian and Jason.

Diane Maher
29-Jan-2007, 07:22
In those instructions, did it say anything about mounting the lens? It seems to have a rather large spacer that screws into the rear of the shutter in addition to the retaining ring. Should this spacer be mounted on the front or the rear of the lens board?

29-Jan-2007, 07:39
I don't remember having both a spacer and retainer ring when I mounted my 250SF. I mounted it with just the retainer ring on a Calumet/Cambo board. The screw that protrudes from the back of the shutter is to keep the lens from rotating. You can either remove it or notch the board so the screw fits into the notch and the shutter sits flat on the board. There have been numerous threads on this issue both here and on APUG. The overall consensus is that it is not needed and can be removed. I notched mine only because I couldn't get it out.


Michael S. Briggs
29-Jan-2007, 08:26
It is necessary for some small lensboards (e.g., Linhof Technika) to use the spacer in front of the board to make it possible to mount the board with the large Copal 3 shutter onto the camera -- spacing the shutter forward gives a necessary clearance. With the spacer in front of the board, the projecting screw won't reach the lensboard and there is no need to remove it.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
29-Jan-2007, 08:29
As Michael mentions, the spacer ring can goe either in front or back of the lensboard, depending on if you need it or not. It is not mentioned in the instructions because it is part of the shutter not the lens.

Diane Maher
29-Jan-2007, 10:08
Thanks! I am going to have a board drilled today so I wanted to make sure that it got done right.