View Full Version : Lenboard bore size for Kodak Portrait 305mm

28-Jan-2007, 13:27
Hi I just picked up a Kodak portrait 305mm lens which I plan to use on my old fahioned studio camera. But I need to put it on a Deardorff lensboard. What size hole should be made? I suppose this isn't one of the standard copal sizes. I know this is probably a silly newbie question which isn't worth the electrons consumed in posting it but I'm kinda in a rush - Thx

28-Jan-2007, 15:27
Which one do you have? the one in the Ilex #5 or the one in the barrel?

28-Jan-2007, 20:00
Oh sorry should have specificed that but was in big rush: Ilex 5

28-Jan-2007, 20:58
The S.K. Grimes website (http://skgrimes.com/ilex/index.htm) lists the lensboard hole size as 3.365". That agrees with what I measured on one of my flanges.

C. D. Keth
29-Jan-2007, 08:31
If you're doing this yourself, a 3 3/8 hole will be close enough and can be done by common bit sizes. 1/100th of an inch won't make a difference.