View Full Version : So what can you tell me about this lens?

28-Jan-2007, 02:18
I was given this lens about a year ago along with the camera it's attached to.

I know nothing about it.

The lens says Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 1:4,5 f=13,5cm
The shutter says F Deckel -Munchen Compur.

So will this cover 4x5 and is there any value to it?


Ole Tjugen
28-Jan-2007, 02:47
As it says on the lens, it's a 135mm Tessar lens from Carl Zeiss in Jena, Germany. The shutter is a Compur, made by F. Deckel in München (Munich), also Germany.

It is one of the most common lenses found on Speed- and Crown Graphics. It covers 4x5" straight on without movements.

I have one of those on my own Speed Graphic - it's the only one I've mounted on its own lens board. All the others go in the "Universal Board".

28-Jan-2007, 04:39
It's a rubbish lens. Zeiss are cheap and tacky. I suggest giving it away, hey I'll take it off your hands if you like? :D :D

Ernest Purdum
28-Jan-2007, 08:24
135mm Tessar type lenses were originally produced for the somewhat smaller 9X12cm format. Press photographers found that they made the use of their Speed Graphics easier than the 150mm lenses which were the original "standard" for 4X5.

I see view cameras fitted with this lens or equialents for sale on eBay too often. I visualize the owner in extreme frustration because his movements are useless. On the camera pictured it is fine. Just don't expect it to provide the excess coverage needed for use of movements.