View Full Version : Arca Swiss lens board ---> Sinar panel Adapter

27-Jan-2007, 12:23
Can anyone inform me if these exist and are they still manufactured?


27-Jan-2007, 12:39
Check SK Grimes for lensboard adapters (http://www.skgrimes.com/boardadapters/index.htm) to see if they can make you one.

Ling Z
27-Jan-2007, 14:39
I believe it's still available. You may talk to Jeff with badgergraphic.

27-Jan-2007, 17:20
Hi Darr,

I was hoping to find an off-the-peg adapter.

Lingz - thanks for the suggestion. I can't find anything on their website. Perhaps I'll have to hunt around a little more.

Ling Z
27-Jan-2007, 19:40
Here the link to the item:


I ordered one over two years ago, and it took about four months for Arca to make one.