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Dave Parker
27-Jan-2007, 11:15
since I have shot any B&W, I am going to shoot some Neopan 1600 today to see if I can capture some of the frost ghosts we have around right now, what is a good nominal speed to shoot it at, straight up or rate a bit slower?

Just curious, my memories are fading quickly and thought someone might have a suggestion or two.

Just wanted to add, I have dektol, HC110, Microdol-X and D-76 developers available...


Oren Grad
27-Jan-2007, 11:31
Dave - As always, it depends on your taste in tonality and your metering technique. It's been a while since I've used any NP1600, but I used to rate it at 1 2/3 stops faster than TX, for development in D-76 1+1. But I found it to have very narrow exposure latitude for a B&W film; while I'll happily pile on the exposure with TX if I have any doubt, shooting NP1600 was more like threading the exposure needle with a transparency film. The highlights tended to flatten and turn to mush very quickly as I added exposure to try to dig into the shadows with long-scale subjects.

Dave Parker
27-Jan-2007, 15:36
Hi Oren,

Thanks for the insight, that helps a lot!