View Full Version : KL Biggs Large Format cameras - Any info?

Stuart Thorburn
27-Jan-2007, 10:12
Good evening gentlemen,

Does anyone know of the English company KL Biggs? I think they stopped trading around 30 or so years ago.

I have a 5x4 camera and would like to hear somemore of their background.

Much abliged for any input.:)

Ernest Purdum
27-Jan-2007, 10:42
The book "British Camera Makers" lists them as Biggs Precision Equipment Ltd. KL. Hove Sussex. The text reads "Specialist manufacturers of a range of industrial, commercial and scientific photogrtaphic equipment (from c1948). Their product logo is "KLB" and lthey made several types of aerial cameras".

I think I recall advertisements in the BJPA. If I come across one I'll get back to you.