View Full Version : Anastigmat Lenses

Michael Baker
26-May-1998, 15:07
Does anyone know the construction of Kodak Anastigmat lenses? I have a 170mm F6 .3 and it appears there is an element missing. Were these three or four element lenses? Any information would be appreciated.

Ron Shaw
26-May-1998, 18:58
I believe these are 4 element lenses, similar to the Ektars. It may be possible that there is a cemented group (like the tessars), but I dont know, so you may o nly see 3 elements.

Stuart Goldstein
28-May-1998, 08:25
Have you tried calling Kodak (800-242-2424) directly to get this information? Th ey've been extremely helpful in getting me the instruction manuals for their cam eras that were made in the 40's and 50's. I think it's worth the try.