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26-Jan-2007, 07:19
So I just bought an 8x10.

I did film testing for 4x5 tri-x in xtol. 6 sheets at a time. tray processing.

I'd like to shoot the same film but I can't see myself developing 6 sheets of 8x10 at a time. 1-2 at a time seems reasonable.

Is it even worth doing film testing again?


Bruce Barlow
26-Jan-2007, 07:28
No. I don't think the difference will matter, and life's waaay too short to spend testing.

Go have fun making pictures!

26-Jan-2007, 07:33
If you do want to test, get extra darkslides and drill large holes in various positions. That way you can easily do about 4-6 different exposures for zones on one sheet of film. I do it for 4x5, works great.


26-Jan-2007, 07:45
Anupam, thats a great idea!

However, Bruce might be right

Thanks guys.


26-Jan-2007, 08:23
I wouldn’t do film “tests” exactly but I would make what you consider a “normal” negative, develop it normally and compare it to one of your “normal” 4x5’s that you are comfortable with. If all looks good, you’re set. Do the same comparison tests with the first few plus and minus negatives to get comfortable, make minor adjustments if necessary and then you are ready for those one-in-a-million opportunities.


steve simmons
26-Jan-2007, 08:34
The key to tray processing is the agitation. Slow your rotations down a little if youhave fewer sheets. There is a detailed description of my tray processing procedure in the Free Articles section of the View Camera web site. I routinely do 6 at a time and have done 8 - I go through the stack six times a minute regardless of the number of sheets.

steve simmons