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kev curry
25-Jan-2007, 11:55
From a very keen beginner!
Wondering if anyone can solve my problem? Just bought a lovely used Fujinon SWD 5.6 75mm and a linhof recessed lens board copal/0 to match but Im affraid it doesn't.
The problem is its impossible to attach my shutter release cable... there simpy isn't space! I've also noticed that when I mount the lens and board, minus the shutter release, (pointless anyway) the rear element part of the barrel is making contact with the back of the board and I think it is possibly preventing a further turn or too! My local shops dont have any clues and im a tad stumped as to what to do next! I understand that I need the recessed board to maximize movement on my Tachihara 45F/45GF....
many thanks in advance.

David A. Goldfarb
25-Jan-2007, 12:05
Get a Gepe flexible cable release extension to solve your cable release problem. It will fit with a Copal 0 shutter on a Linhof recessed board.

I'm not sure what you mean about the rear cell making contact with the back of the board. The shutter goes through the board, and a retaining ring holds it in place, and then there should be plenty of clearance for the rear cell, unless perhaps you have a recessed lensboard that has a spacer that positions the shutter forward. The board should not have a spacer for a 75mm lens (or at least mine doesn't).

Jan Pedersen
25-Jan-2007, 12:17
Could it be that the retaining ring is sitting in front of the lens board and not behind it?
I just recently bought a used 90mm that was mounted that way and thereby moving the lens more forward on the board than necesary.

kev curry
25-Jan-2007, 13:58
Many many thanks for that advice...yes the board contains a spacer that looks like its removable via four small screws....removing this would solve the prob of the cell contacting the board! Will now need to source out the 'Gepe flexible cable release extension'. Suppliers in UK?
Thanks with that help and for answering so rapidly!

kev curry
25-Jan-2007, 15:57
Just removed the spacer but unfortunately theres no solution there... the hole is now way to big!! Now thats got me a little puzzled! Maybe I should be looking for a different board or can anyone make a suggestion?
well thanks again in advance folks.

Jan Pedersen
25-Jan-2007, 16:54
Can't you mount the threaded flange with the 4 small holes on the back of the lens board?

David A. Goldfarb
25-Jan-2007, 17:24
You need to find a recessed board that doesn't have a spacer to begin with. They come drilled for a Copal #0 shutter. The spacers make it possible to do things on a Technika like mount a 150mm lens so it closes with the camera or mount two lenses of different focal lengths--one on a flat board with the rail in the normal position and one with a recessed board and the rail in the retracted position--with a single set of infinity stops.

Since this is for a Tachihara, you can use an aftermarket recessed lensboard, like a Wista or Toyo or one of the generic Chinese boards you see on eBay, which will be less expensive than a Linhof recessed board.

kev curry
26-Jan-2007, 02:03
Tried mounting the spacer on the back but no luck there Jan! Well its a new board and cheers for the money saving advice David....those linhof boards are expensive! Cant thank you all enough for all your help!

Emil Ems
26-Jan-2007, 07:52

As for the GEPE extention, they do not sell it in Europe. B+W carries them as well as some other (cheaper?) sources in the US. Google after it! You will not find it on GEPE's website though.

I hope this helps

kev curry
26-Jan-2007, 12:08
Been trawling around for ages for a GEPE or an alternative extention and yes there ain't any in Europe that I can find! Wonder what the UK photographers do?
If I order from the USofA its $56 for postage! Think I need to lie down a minute, that makes me a little dizzy! When I order 'books' from the US the postage is way cheaper and there heavy! Whats going on....? Even the Linhof fit recessed boards from ebay (china) say the size of the boards are 7.5x7.5cm.....now thats now right! If anyone can take me by the hand please do!
Its starting to feel like the twillight zone!
One again thanks again for all your time!

David A. Goldfarb
26-Jan-2007, 14:02
Try www.mpex.com or www.badgergraphic.com. They should give you more individualized service than B&H, and if it's just a matter of putting a Gepe release extension in an envelope, they should be able to get it to you for less than $56 shipping.

kev curry
26-Jan-2007, 15:35
And again...Thanks for the help!:)