View Full Version : Large Format Workshops in Canada

Andy Simpson
24-Jan-2007, 21:35
Greetings from Alberta Canada! I am new to this wonderfull world of Large Format and am getting somewhat familliar with my new Tachihara 4X5. I was wondering if anyone knows of workshops offered for Large Format in Canada preferably Alberta or anywhere out in Western Canada.

I also wanted to say that the members of this site are really wonderful folks who unselfishly give of their time and expertise to help out "newbies" like me with many questions.
thanks to all and I look forward to contributing when and where I can in the future!
Andy Simpson

24-Jan-2007, 22:45

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of workshops that get held out here in Western Canada. We organized one last year with Per Volquartz and had a great turnout.

Another one is being teed up but it'll be held down in Oregon this year instead of out here in Western Canada.

Be on the lookout on this site for date and times... nothing confirmed yet.

BTW, welcome to the forum! :)