View Full Version : turner reich ansigmat

24-Jan-2007, 16:13

I just picked up a Turner Reich ANASTIGMAT serial # 210152 as part of a larger auction. (I don't have it in my hands yet. I'm assuming the cells have the same serial).

I'm wondering how I might determine 1) when the lens was manufactured; 2) what the value might be

This is the info I was given:
8x10 Turner Reich Anast.F: 7.0 Ser.II 210152
Back 19.7" 500.4MM.


erie patsellis
24-Jan-2007, 16:39
depends, what shutter (usually alphax or betax), are they matched cells, how much separation? All these come into play, sight unseen, with a shutter, I'd give you around $75, maybe $100 if it's in an Alphax, assuming I'm going to have to at the least CLA the shutter(min $55-65 w/shipping), and buy a retaining ring ($45 w/shipping from Grimes)


Jim Galli
24-Jan-2007, 19:08
That one you just got is very late and also in a fine old shutter. I'd venture it's worth $225 - $275 but I'd encourage you to just keep it. I'll bet you'll find it's a fine old performer and it looks great on that camera. My guesses are as good as any and I'd guess that camera and lens at about 1948. Have fun with it.

Doug Howk
30-Jan-2007, 18:37
I just got an 8X10 (12") Turner Reich anast. f6.8 Ser II (#213936) manufactured by Gundlach (its listed in their 1927 catalog). Came on an 8X10 Korona & with a Packard shutter. At 1st I thought it had fungus; but, after a little cleaning, the glass looks good. The rear element of the convertible is 21".