View Full Version : Facilitating scales readings on shutters

Paul Schilliger
5-Aug-2000, 13:04
Who has never been confronted to reading difficulties of the speeds and f-stops scales in low light? Unless you are a fortunate Prontor's owner, you have certai nly like me wished the scales where more luminous. Especially if you work in low light, camera at head height and using a recessed lens board adapter and a Coki n P adapter ring! I have had to dismount the lens board and set the values befor e remounting it. And when the light changes quickly, this can be a real problem. Of course one solution is to have a mini pocket light, but this is one more thi ng to watch after.

I tried using self adhesive aluminum foil and it worked well, so I thought of sh aring the tip. I had a two inches wide self adhesive aluminum roll and this widt h fits perfectly between the two Technika lens board retaining hooks. I inserted the foil as far as I could between the shutter and the lens board and pressed i t with a thin kitchen knife so that moving the f-stops ring wouldn't catch it. I t results in a bright rectangle, just big enough to enlighten the bottom scales without being too visible. Works well for Copal's #0 and 1. I am sure I am not t he first one to try this though!

Jeff hompson
6-Aug-2000, 16:49
Good idea! Being over 50, I have trouble seeing up close-especially small stuff, and have reverted to my focusing loupe in similar low light situations. Nothing extra to carry or break.

Bill Glickman
6-Aug-2000, 17:34
Paul I suffer the same problems.... I now carry a little pen size pocket flashlight and leave it in my photo vest. Its amazing how often i use it!

Doug Paramore
7-Aug-2000, 10:12
Thanks for sharing the tip. I use a small mirror that helps. Check with your dentist for one of the plastic mounted throwaway dental mirrors. They are about an inch in diameter on an angled handle. Chop off the handle to where it fits in a shirt pocket. Also, the small size lady's compact is a good choice. It folds up to protect the mirror. Buy one without the makeup or give it a good cleaning out. You might talk your wife or girlfriend out of an old one. I don't like the pink ones. Folks look at you kinda funny. The mirrors really help when you have the front of the camera out over the edge of a building roof or cliff. You don't have to turn the camera around to set everything. I am gonna try the foil.

Paul Schilliger
8-Aug-2000, 08:13
I can see that everyone has his workaround! Doug, These little beauty mirrors a re a pray of choice! The other day, I subrepticely pinched my wife's to make some trials. But she saw me. After that, I opened the plastic frame to get the mirror out of it. But this was noticed by my whife and she looked at me in a way that made me feel very uncomfortable! Eventually, I fixed it and put it back in the bathroom, to avoid any further problem.

lee nadel
8-Aug-2000, 13:57
i use a auto mechanix mirror it has a telescoping shaft and a articulated joint where the 2x3inch mirror is attached it folds down very small and is also very good fora small fill lite