View Full Version : Cable release socket repair (Copal)

Tim Shawcross
24-Jan-2007, 15:11

I've got a Copal 0 that is missing a single screw from the cable release socket, and a Copal 1 that's socket is cross-threaded.

I want to buy a replacement socket for the Copal 1, and if possible just a screw for the Copal 0 (though if I have to buy the whole socket again, I'll survive.)

Jim at MPEX doesn't stock have parts, never does Badger Graphics. Anyone got a good source to try next?



Mark Stahlke
24-Jan-2007, 15:29
You might try http://www.skgrimes.com/

24-Jan-2007, 17:18
I recently purchased a PC socket from Carol Miller (http://www.flutotscamerarepair.com/). Or try CRIS (http://criscam.com/old/index.htm)

Caroline Matthews
24-Jan-2007, 20:10
You can also call Schneider. It is an expensive little part to replace. I would suggest buying a spare. I have one that I have never had to use for several years.

Ted Harris
24-Jan-2007, 20:36
Try Richard Ritter www.lg4mat.net ... He has 'em

Bob Salomon
25-Jan-2007, 03:19
RTS is the Copal shutter supplier in the USA.