View Full Version : Visible difference between Sinar F/F1/F2 standards?

Marcus Carlsson
24-Jan-2007, 14:20

You have probably seen my previous post on Sinar and since I intend to buy such camera, I will ask you some questions.

I have tried to learn the visible difference between the standards for Sinar F/F1/F2, but I don't see any. Maybe I have missed something.

The reason for me asking is that I intend to buy the camera in parts from the bay and I don't want to accidently buy a standard saying it is an F2, but in fact it is an F.

So , are there any ways to determin the standards?

/ Marcus

David A. Goldfarb
24-Jan-2007, 15:40
The F rear standard has the tilt/swing calculator scale flat on the left side (viewed from the rear) of the standard bearer. The F1 and F2 rear standards have this scale on a rotating drum that can be read while looking at the groundglass.

The F and F1 have the same front standard, which does not have geared focus like the rear standard and can break if overtightened (though it's easy enough not to break it, if you're not a gorilla). The F2 front standard is more robust and has geared focus.

Marcus Carlsson
24-Jan-2007, 15:43
Is it possible to use a rear standard in the front? (I mean if I want to have the geared focus on front, but I don't find any F2 front and only F/F1 rear).

/ Marcus

David A. Goldfarb
24-Jan-2007, 16:17
Yes, you could reverse them, and you sometimes find F/F1's that have two "rear" standards, but if you do that, the knobs end up on the wrong side or the swing scale ends up facing the wrong way.

In general, it makes more sense to have micro-focus in back than in front, if you are using the Sinar calculators, but even better to have both, as on the F2.

Frank Petronio
24-Jan-2007, 17:09
You will save money buy buying an entire camera and then selling the extra parts that you don't need for a small profit. But if you want an F2, the best way to do so is to buy an F2. I already tried all the things you're talking about such as trying to use two F rear standards. It does not work very well taking shortcuts.

John Berry
25-Jan-2007, 00:38
Trust Frank on this. If there is a weird way to do it, he has tried it.

Jean-Marie Solichon
25-Jan-2007, 04:50
And the F2 has separate locks for swing and shift on both standards. Otherwise said F2 have one more lever running paralell to the base of frames.
Be aware that many F2 sold on eBay actually are F1.

Marcus Carlsson
25-Jan-2007, 06:12
And the F2 has separate locks for swing and shift on both standards. Otherwise said F2 have one more lever running paralell to the base of frames.
Be aware that many F2 sold on eBay actually are F1.

That's what I'm afraid of.

But I have looked into the images more carefully now and it seems like the "wheel" that you focus with has one wider and smaller one and a higher and thinner inside? Don't know if you understand what I mean.

/ Marcus

Jerry Flynn
25-Jan-2007, 07:16
The calculator drum is on the left hand side of the camera. On F1 and F2 cameras there are two concentric knobs on the right hand side. The smaller, inner knob is the fine focus. The larger knob is the lock for the rise/fall. The F had smaller, separate knobs for the focus and lock. It is difficult to tell an F2 from an F1 rear standard in most pictures. The distinguishing mark would be the small shift locking lever on the F2 that is frequently difficult to see. The front standard is easier: the F2 has the same sort of concentric knobs as the rear standard. The F1 has only one (for rise/fall) and also a noticable smaller front rail block.

Frank Petronio
25-Jan-2007, 08:09
The front standard on the F and F1 have a clamp that allows the standard to be fitted over a rail from the top or side. The F2 front standard has a larger block that can only be slide onto the rail from the end of the rail.

The most obvious visual clue for identification is that the F and F1 front standard blocks have only a small ~15mm diameter knob on the bottom of the standard used to tighten the standard onto the rail. The F2 front block has a larger 30mm knurled knob that is the same size as the rear standard's tightening knob.

This is an F or F1 front standard below. Note how the plastic bracket was easily broken on the first shot.

Frank Petronio
25-Jan-2007, 08:10
This is a F2, sorry I didn't shoot the same angle but look closely at the front...