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24-Jan-2007, 04:53
Thought some might be interested...bought a busch pressman (2x3) that came with a sealed tri x film pack 9 (dev before july 1959!!!). Well....just had to shoot it, since I don't have any other 2x3 sheets on hand, and I also got a film pack adapter in the deal.


24-Jan-2007, 05:08
awesome! great to see others using old film. i shoot primarily expired film. nothing that old yet. my oldest to date was 18 years out. i gave some old plus X to a friend in 5x7 format that was 31 years old. he used it, it worked fine.


Glenn Thoreson
24-Jan-2007, 16:32
That's great! Nice photo. I have a Tri-X film pack that's about 10 years newer than yours, and about a half box of TX 2X3 sheets. Busch Pressman(s), too. Looks like I'd better get busy.

Ralph Barker
24-Jan-2007, 16:59
Congrats, Percy.

What sort of soft box did you use on the lightning bolt? ;)