View Full Version : Goerz Celor 10 3/4" F5 coverage.

Wenbiao Liang
23-Jan-2007, 23:18
Hi Guys,
I bought this Ansco Commercial 8x10 camera, and the lens that came with the camera is a Goerz Celor Series I b No. 5, 10 3/4" F5, I understand that this is a dialyte design, with 4/4 construction, so it should be about 45 degrees, similar to Artars? Will a 10 3/4" Celor cover 8x10? I need to find a lens board before I can test it myself on my Ansco.

According to CameraEccentric site, Celor's coverage angle is 64 to 70 degrees, and a No 5. covers 8x10 at f16. Can a lens of dialyte design coverage ~70 degrees?


BTW, this is a HUGE lens for a 10" lens, very heavy too, with brass barrel, front and rear groups are the symmetrical I think.

Ole Tjugen
24-Jan-2007, 00:23
The dialyte design has been used for two very different lens specifications: Repro, with its demands for low distortion and a specified coverage of about 45 degrees (like the Artar), and for general taking lenses.
For general photographic use, the Celor (and other "pictorial" dialytes) can safely be assumed to cover 65 to 75 degrees - depending on minor design variations and your personal definition of "coverage".