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23-Jan-2007, 14:34
I am looking for a workshop that might fit some of my workshop wish list. Wish list includes it being with in resonable driving distance of where I live, San Francisco, CA. Which would include the Sierra (Eastern Sierra/ Death Valley when Tioga Pass is open), Big Sur to the south, and almost to Oregon to the north. Workshop length, 2-4 days. Focus would be on B&W LF film with capture, development, scanning and digital printing (full wet process would be fine as well, but if the overall foucs is largely wet printing I would not be interested). I would like an emphasis on creative topics versus the totally technically oriented. Subject matter should be some form of landscape, natural or otherwise, coastal preferred. Don Kirby's Jackson Hole B&W workshop looks interesting (http://www.jacksonholeworkshops.org/workshops/Kirby.htm) , if it where only with in driving distance.

Thanks in advance for your input,

Monty McCutchen
23-Jan-2007, 18:00
Kerik Kouklis is a master at all you mentioned. Although he is known for various wet alternative process' including Pt/Pd, Pt/Pd Gumovers, and Wet Plate Collodion he works with several digital outputs as well for enlarged negatives, POP prints, and to boot he lives in Placerville, CA not but an hour and half from the Bay. He is a tireless teacher with a great sense of how much to give at just the right time. He shoots various formats all the way up to 14 x 17. In short you can't go wrong with what you described in wanting for a workshop. Hope you find what you are looking for wherever you decide to go.


John Kasaian
23-Jan-2007, 20:50
You might also check out U.C. Santa Cruz which IIRC offers workshops.

Curt Palm
23-Jan-2007, 21:01
also the ansel adams gallery workshops, http://www.anseladams.com
they list traditional and digital workshops.

Brian Ellis
23-Jan-2007, 21:06
Last year the Ansel Adams Workshops included one taught by Charles Cramer at two locations, Yosemite and San Francisco. I registered for the one in San Francisco (Yosemite was full) but ended up having to cancel. So I have no personal experience with the workshop and don't remember exactly how long it was but I think about four days. Charles is a master digital printer, however I don't know whether he uses LF or not.

David Karp
23-Jan-2007, 21:30
Cramer is a LF photographer. I seem to recall seeing somewhere that he was investigating some sort of digital capture device, but at least most of the work that we know of has been done in LF and scanned. Here is a photo of him with a view camera, more photos and information on other parts of the site: http://www.charlescramer.com/pages/bio.html

For what its worth, I really like his work. He is my favorite color landscape photographer.

David Karp
23-Jan-2007, 21:32
Oops. Apparently he is now also using a Phase One P45 digital back: http://www.charlescramer.com/pages/classes.html

Eric Biggerstaff
23-Jan-2007, 23:58
I can highly recommend the workshops taught through the Ansel Adams gallery, they are very well run and the instructors are VERY good.

Louie Powell
24-Jan-2007, 05:53
Kim Weston offers workshops. http://www.kimweston.com/

steve simmons
24-Jan-2007, 06:38
Much of what you are asking for is available at the View Camera conference in Louisville next June. The complete program is on our web site


The only thing we are not offering is the wet darkroom.

I am doing a 2 1/2 day worklshop in Monterey in early Sept. The emphasis will be on learning to use the camera, equipment choices, and exposure techniques.

steve simmons

24-Jan-2007, 10:16
Has anyone taken one of Don Kirby's workshops? Can you comment on your experiences? I am thinking of taking the one with Stu Levy on the Oragon coast. It's about a 8-9 hour drive from SF, should take 2 to 3 days to get there;)

Thanks again,

24-Jan-2007, 11:42
I did the Oregon Coast workshop with Don and Stu a couple years ago. Both are excellent teachers. The year I went the weather was less than ideal with rain and mist several days so hard to shoot some days, but I have several images I'm happy with from the trip and haven't printed every neg I want to try yet. It was a lesson in low contrast shooting for me as a result and Don is an expert in low contrast scenes to say the least. Both Don and Stu shoot mostly B&W so if you do color that won't be the emphasis. Critiques are a major part of the workshop and they are honest and frank so a few egos can get dented but they were never harsh. Shore Acres, Bandon Beach and the dunes (forget the name) were teh major locations used.

evan clarke
24-Jan-2007, 12:20
Bruce Barnbaum, but there will be no discussion about digital..Death valley for 2 or 3 days, Lone Pine for a couple and Bishop for a couple, the one I went on was terrific. His assistant was Ray McSavaney (http://www.tgartworks.com/mcsavaney), A fabulous photographer, maybe one of the best in the world..EC

24-Jan-2007, 17:06

I am currently reading Barnbaum's book, The Art of Photography, and I get the impression that the book is based on his workshops. If you have read the book, do you find that to be true? Excellent book, BTW.

24-Jan-2007, 18:19
The book is based on what he covers in the Complete Darkroom workshop. Wel worth taking if you want to learn how to print.

Brian Ellis
24-Jan-2007, 19:09
Has anyone taken one of Don Kirby's workshops? Can you comment on your experiences? I am thinking of taking the one with Stu Levy on the Oragon coast. It's about a 8-9 hour drive from SF, should take 2 to 3 days to get there;)

Thanks again,

I've taken Don Kirby's Anasazi ruins workshop that's based in Bluff, Utah. It was a very good workshop. Don's a nice guy, a capable instructor, and an excellent photographer. However, that particular workshop was more of a "photo tour" rather than a lot of instruction though Don was always present in the field to instruct and there was some classroom stuff, usually right before the portfolio reviews. Unless Don's changed since I took the workshop (which was about three or four years ago) he doesn't print digitally, at the time I took his workshop he still used a darkroom. I believe his Oregon coast workshop is based in Shore Acres, which is a great area for photography.

24-Jan-2007, 19:38
This is the schedule for Don's Workshop in Jackson Hole this summer.

Day 1
Morning Introductions
Afternoon Field Session
Day 2
Morning Darkroom Demonstration
Afternoon Field Session
Day 3
Morning Field Session
Afternoon Negative Development
Day 4
Darkroom work and Critiques
Day 5
Darkroom work and Critiques

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, or any of the other workshops we are running this summer, I'll be happy to answer them.

Thomas Stimpson
Jackson Hole Workshops

Carl Radford
12-Mar-2007, 10:42
Another vote for Kerik - a tutor who is keen to share his knowledge rather than protect it! A very nice chap indeed! Just take a look at his website - I think it speaks for itself!