View Full Version : How to change Linhof Technika cams?

22-Jan-2007, 10:57
I finally got cams made for newer lenses in addition to my 135, and, when I looked down briefly at the 135 cam that is in there, er, I realized I didn't understand clearly just by looking at it how to swap it out. Can anyone point me to an online resource or step by step guide (pix are good too?) on changing cams? I did a quick search on the forums, but didn't churn anything up. As always all references, and advice in general is always appreciated. Thanks!

Vick Ko
22-Jan-2007, 11:10
For Linhofs Technika Master, V, IV

1. open the bed to a flat position
2. extend the focusing rack to full out, clearing the cam
3. lift up the cam slightly, so that it does not rub against the bottom of the bed
4. pull out the cam. Note that the mount is spring loaded, be careful to not let it snap down.

Reverse the steps to insert the new cam.