View Full Version : Thumbs up to AP200 as Darkroom Water Filter

Ed K.
22-Jan-2007, 02:13
Bummed by inconvenience of distilled, and high cost/complexity of some systems, I recently installed an under-sink Aquapure AP200 with a taste/odor/rust grade filter. Apparently, it takes out clorine for the most part, and it definitely removes all the grit from my local tap.

Flow is great - about like a normal faucet, which is more than many cartridge systems. Cost with fittings to adapt in-line with the cold tap is about $150 or so including a spare new filter, shipping and taxes. A few thousand hours per filter between changes. Installed with braided flex in a few minutes.

The reduction in crud, since I can now rinse with pressurized clean water is amazing - completely clean negs now (8x10). I'm sure that many other systems exist, and perhaps some are cheaper too. I thought I'd post a note here in case anyone else considered this filter. Hooray! Finally really super clean negs! Sure, it's not "lab grade" stuff, but hey, it does work.

As this is such an important thing, perhaps others can share their solution?