View Full Version : HP5 processing with Rodinal or HC-D

20-May-2000, 10:37
Did somebody try the HP5/Rodinal combo ? Is it OK or too grainy ? and what about HP5/HC-D combo ? What is the best in terms of graininess and sharpness ? I need a developer which can be highly diluted for on-shot processing 4x5 film by inve rsion and ,why not, 35 mm. I use Xtol for the moment and I'm satisfied with it but cannot find the times fo r 4x5 inversion processing...

20-May-2000, 13:40
Hi Amine, the piece of paper that comes with the Rodinal bottle says: HP5+ = 8 min at 1:25; it does not show a time for 1:50, but times for FP4 are 18 min. for 1:50. I would think HP5+ in Rodinal 1:50 for 20 would be interesting. David

John Hicks
20-May-2000, 14:14
HP5+ is the same emulsion in all formats; development time is the same.

It works very well in Rodinal, although it can be a little more grainy than is usually desirable for 35mm, and it does benefit from adding a little sodium sul fite to the working solution.

For the basic stuff, try Rodinal 1:50 7'15"/75F EI 200.

For better performance, use Rodinal 1:50 w/20g/L sodium sulfite, 7'15"/75F EI 320. If that's still too grainy, add up to 50g/L sodium sulfite. You can add eve n more, but it'll start having a negative effect on apparent sharpness.

If you get mottling or streaks with highly-dilute Rodinal, then your agitation isn't violent enough during the agitation cycle. "Gentle" agitation is of no be nefit at all and just causes unevenness.

I believe HC-D has been discontinued in favor of DD-X; at any rate, try HD-D 1 :19 4'15"/75F EI 320 as a starting point.

If you want to try DD-X, 1:9 9'/75F EI 640 works well. For a good EI 1600, 1:4 for the same time works ok.

Scott Walton
20-May-2000, 23:49
Diafine works GREAT on HP5+. I shoot 4x5 @400ASA and get beautiful negs. It is a 2 bath developer that is high acutance and fine grain with no highlight blockups! It is much better than a similar 1:200 Rodinal as far as grain and acutance goes. Just my opinion Cheers, Scott